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Energy management

Reliable remote monitoring of network components

The Goal:

Timely detection of operating and network states, which may lead to damage or failure of systems in the short or medium term.

The Case:

Up till now, an operator of energy supply networks with hundreds of widely distributed supply locations in the field determined the operating status of systems and network components during annual inspections or would be surprised by the failure of devices. Damage to systems caused by harmonics or transformers overheated due to insufficient or failed ventilation would only be discovered very late.

This results in a significantly reduced service life of devices and network components, necessitating repairs and replacement of components prior to the originally calculated period and thus causes unplanned expenditure of time and money.

The Task:

  • Seamless monitoring of several hundred locations in order to avoid network and component failures or to troubleshoot them quickly
  • Logging of the measurement data in a customer-specific data centre
  • Visualised representation of the measured values for the service centre
  • Threshold value and alarm notification via e-mail or SMS to the technician if defined values are exceeded, e.g. the transformer temperature
  • Programming with Python
  • Performing remote updates
  • Communication independent of local networks and external administrators
  • Maximum security, no vulnerability from the network

The IoTmaxx Solution:

IoTmaxx performs important software integrations and adapts them to existing protocols. The existing server infrastructure will continue to be used and supplemented by innovative warning systems. For implementation, the maxx GW4101, Gateway, an in-house development by IoTmaxx, offers the optimal platform: Thanks to its various interfaces, different sensors and counters can be connected directly via one device. The device programmability and the selected open-source strategy from IoTmaxx enables the completely flexible, simple, fast and cost-effective integration into existing structures.

The hardware and software design developed by IoTmaxx relies on an optimal balance of costs and operational reliability. The energy sector user also benefits from increased customer confidence in their performance.

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Christian Lelonek  - Managing Director

Christian Lelonek

Managing Director

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