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IoTmaxx creates IIoT applications for independent condition monitoring in telecontrol technology

Machine and system failures generate considerable costs for the operator. Designs for condition monitoring and preventive remote maintenance of equipment via telecontrol technology are therefore becoming increasingly important in machine and control cabinet construction as well as in many other industry sectors. IoTmaxx delivers IIoT applications for condition monitoring that are as customised as is necessary and as simple as possible.

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Condition monitoring, error analysis and updating of controls or early detection of error states as well as the central monitoring and visualisation of relevant system parameters are typical IIoT application fields. The security of data communication and the independence of external access by machine manufacturers or service providers from the plant operator's production networks are important security criteria for IIoT applications.

Telecontrol technology creates secure access for Condition Monitoring

In order to enable condition monitoring for predictive maintenance, suitable parameters such as fill levels of operating materials and lubricants or temperatures of bearings and motors must be centrally monitored and visualised. If additional, independently networked sensors are used for this purpose; the possibility of control access or intervention in the process flows is excluded.

Condition monitoring through sensor connection to Gateway

IoTmaxx uses the Gateway 4G LTE GW4101 Gateway to connect sensors to the IIoT application. The rich interfaces of the Gateway offer the possibility of directly connecting commercially available sensors via remote control technology. Data transmission in the IIoT application takes place via cellular communications in the 4G network. For a locally weak 4G network, the GW4101 has an automatic fallback to 2G/3G. IoTmaxx structures the further data processing from condition monitoring that is individually customised to the customer.

PLC maintenance: independent remote update

Similarly, the condition monitoring of a PLC can be implemented independently of the customer network using telecontrol technology. The controls in the control cabinet are connected via Ethernet to the LTE 4G Cellular Router RT2200, which is mounted on the profile rail like the controls. Via a VPN server, the Router, the control cabinet builder’s control centre and the distributed PCs of the service staff, form a private network that is protected against third party access and can be expanded at any time. An IoTmaxx RT2100 LAN Router may serve as a VPN server in the user’s network.

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