IoT-Connectivity per Plug & Play

Remote digitization for plant and machine builders

Full connectivity for safe access

SYMESTIC in combination with IoTmaxx Gateways enables simple plug-and-play acquisition of states via digital signals or comprehensive OPC UA data acquisition as applied for condition monitoring, alarming or process values for a data lake, depending on the requirements.

Cloud based

Benefit now and in the future from Symestic Software-as-a-service, which offers you additional benefits month after month.

No IT skills required

We make it as easy as possible for you so that you can focus directly on your use case. You don't need any IT knowledge for this and you don't have to intervene in existing IT systems.

Shortest implementation time

Connect your IoTmaxx gateways to the SYMESTIC IoT platform and access a library of digitization applications that provide you with immediate benefits - saving lots of time and money!

MES – Manufacturing Execution Systeme

Digital control of production with IoTmaxx Gateways

Manufacture more efficiently and save costs! Cloud-based MES based on the platform-independent IoTmaxx Gateways are the safe and affordable way to economically and crisis-proof control your manufacturing in Germany.

Capture data, transmit data - no matter what, no matter where, the GW4102 Gateway is your interface enabler. It offers the greatest variety of interfaces and the most flexible connectivity options on the market. It makes the sensor and status data of your plants available for analysis in the cloud or various software applications.

Your advantage:

  • less downtime
  • targeted personel deployment
  • efficiently synchronized machinery
  • higher product output
  • better cost structure

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Send data quickly to the cloud with IoTmaxx Gateways

Within a very short implementation time the IoTmaxx-Gateways can be connected to the SYMESTIC IoT-platform and then provide access to a library of ready-to-use digitization applications, without any special IT knowledge. The cloud-based system runs as software-as-a-service on a monthly basis and offers IoT and MES apps that can be used as needed. The application data is transformed in the IoT hub into the information and displays required by the user.

Examples are the monitoring and supervision of key figures (OEE, MTB, MTBR), plants, downtimes and energy consumption or the maintenance status of plants and equipment. In addition, there are setup time optimization, reporting services, quality control, and remote notification and alerting services. Order control and store floor management in production plants can also be mapped in the cloud via SYMESTIC.

For the wired connection of sensors and systems via a DI interface, the hardware of the IoTmaxx GW4102-Gateways is used in interaction with the SYMESTIC Smart IoT service. The freely configurable events are thus automatically transmitted securely to the SYMESTIC IoT Hub via mobile radio or the user network.

For the use of OPC-UA connectivity for plant or machine connection via the OPC industry standard, the hardware of the IoTmaxx GW4100-Gateways is used in interaction with the SYMESTIC Smart Edge service and the integrated OPC-UA client. The configured data (events, process values, alarms, etc.) of a controller can also be preprocessed on the edge device and then transmitted.

Die IoTmaxx Gateways at a glance

maxx GW4100

LTE 4G mobile gateway

maxx GW4101

LTE 4G cellular gateway incl. sensor board

maxx GW4102

LTE 4G mobile gateway with PLC extension

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