Mobile Machines

System diagnostics and central service for cranes in the field

The Goal:

Remote error analysis of the electronic control of a crane. 

The Case:

A supplier of cranes wants to guarantee its customers almost uninterrupted use of its machines in the field. Due to the numerous, widely distributed sites, possible failures of the control technology have so far caused longer downtimes and high costs, because it often takes time for the service technicians to reach the site, determine the cause and procure the necessary spare parts. More efficiency and cost reduction are desired here.

The Task:

  • Data connection with the electronic controls of the crane in the event of an error for remote error analysis
  • Simple initiation of the connection setup by the crane operator
  • Simple network connection to the controls by service technicians from the company headquarters
  • Management of several hundred end devices
  • Maximum security, no vulnerability from the network

The IoTmaxx Solution:

The control technology of the cranes is equipped with IoTmaxx Routers. Communication with the control centre takes place via the IoTmaxx Router and a cellular connection, which thus has remote access to the control, may diagnose errors and, ideally, detects defective components immediately.

The connectivity of the IoTmaxx Routers takes place via a VPN solution to ensure maximum security. The connection management can either be hosted by IoTmaxx or organised by the customer itself. IoTmaxx performs important software integrations into the customer’s IT infrastructure. The central service, including the remote diagnosis that is now possible, saves the provider time and money in the event of an error, and it may guarantee its customers increased availability of the machines.

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Christian Lelonek  - Managing Director

Christian Lelonek

Managing Director

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