Mobile Construction Machines

Condition monitoring and additional services in construction machinery rental

The Goal:

Extension of the sensory status analysis of mobile construction machines using LTE 4G Gateways and flexible migration options from the existing customer portal to an extended online service solution.

The Case:

The lessor offers mobile construction equipment from various manufacturers, for example work platforms, mini cranes, light poles, telehandlers and generators. Many construction machine manufacturers offer their own telematics solutions for their products, but these are not compatible with each other.

Until now, the construction machinery rental company has used a self-developed solution based on a UMTS 3G terminal, which transmits the location and operating data to a fixed server target using Java programming. The UMTS 3G networks will be switched off by the providers in the foreseeable future, because the frequencies are needed for the expansion of the 5G networks. The Java programming and the server connection are proprietary and may only be managed by external specialists at great expense. The existing UMTS 3G terminals also do not have a CAN bus connection.

The Task:

  • Data connection with the electronic controls of the devices for remote reading of operating data and error analysis, primarily via CAN bus
  • Connection of additional sensors for shock and inclination monitoring as well as the charging status and condition of the batteries
  • Management of several hundred end devices in the field
  • Use of standardised protocols and open source software where possible
  • Connection to the existing server solution and the online portal
  • Support for a new Cloud solution for enhanced customer services

The IoTmaxx Solution:

The control technology of the construction equipment is connected to the programmable maxx GW4101 LTE 4G Gateway from IoTmaxx via a CAN bus. The dependence on the previous proprietary solution in the field is eliminated by the IoTmaxx Gateway with standardised software based on the open-source Linux operating system. IoTmaxx supports the customer’s project manager in selecting suitable sensors, which are connected via the existing interfaces of the GW4101 Gateway. The data is transmitted via cellular communications in the LTE 4G network. If the 4G network is weak locally, the Gateway has an automatic fallback solution to GPRS 2G and UMTS 3G (as long as they are available).

The data is transmitted via the compact MQTT protocol, an open network protocol for machine-to-machine communication. A virtual server at the customer site serves as an MQTT broker, i.e. as a receiver for the user data of the geographically widely distributed construction machines. This server is connected to the existing system with the still reduced scope of services there and initially supplies the existing online customer portal. At the same time, the data can also be conveyed to the newly created Cloud solution.

The development of the new Cloud-based customer portal is thus possible in parallel with the existing operational system. By connecting to the MQTT broker, both systems can be supplied with the machine data in parallel. The construction machine rental company may thus decide individually about the optimal time to switch to the newly created customer portal – broken down for each individual mobile construction machine, regardless of manufacturer.

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