Infrastructure & Mobility

Wireless access and maximum availability for ticket machines

The Goal:

Installation of an autonomous, wireless data connection for stationary ticket machines in bus or rail transport.

The Case:

The operator of stationary ticket machines for bus and rail transport also wishes to ensure that the machines can be operated in remote locations.. Although often there is a power connection, it is necessary to lay data lines – a costly effort usually for only a few meters. A wireless solution could help here.

The Task:

  • Enabling operation of the devices even in remote locations
  • Constant, uninterrupted availability of the machines
  • Implementation of an autonomous, wireless data connection
  • Accessibility and management of the machines by the head office
  • Reduction of installation and operating costs 

The IoTmaxx Solution:

The IoTmaxx design includes equipping the machines with a robust maxx RT2200 Industrial Router. The LTE 4G Router establishes a secure wireless connection via cellular and uses the high-availability LTE cellular network, which offers good coverage even in remote locations. The Router has “Always-Online” functionality, which establishes a connection independently and, in the event of an error, automatically re-establishes the connection.

The high availability can be further increased by equipping it with two SIM cards: If one provider fails, the device automatically switches to the second. The solution developed by IoTmaxx is hosted by an external VPN server. The hardware and software design created by IoTmaxx ensures significant cost savings. 

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Christian Lelonek  - Managing Director

Christian Lelonek

Managing Director

Condition monitoring of fuel tanks including automatic alarm notification

The Goal:

Ensuring the fuel supply of filling stations by monitoring specified parameters and notification of discrepancies.

The Case:

An operator of petrol stations wants to ensure that there is always enough fuel in its tanks. In order for its supplier to be able to plan its trips efficiently, it must be regularly informed about the fill levels in order to be able to deliver supplies in a timely manner. In addition, it should be informed immediately if the fill level falls below a certain value. 

The Task:

  • Control of the tanks by measuring the level
  • Automatic transmission of the measured values to the supplier
  • Automatic alarm message when falling below a specified value
  • Programming the application with Python 

The IoTmaxx Solution:

With the solution developed by IoTmaxx, the level sensor of the tanks is connected directly to a programmable IoTmaxx Gateway. With the help of Python programming, IoTmaxx ensures that the fill level is constantly checked and the values of a fuel report are transmitted daily by e-mail to the fuel supplier. If a specified minimum value is not reached, an immediate alarm message is also issued. With this design, the client prevents bottlenecks in delivery and benefits from a secure supply of supplies with less time expenditure.

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