LTE 4G Cellular Gateway with PLC extension

maxx GW4102

GW4102 Item number 410008

The award shows us that we are on the right track with our gateway concept for automation technology.

"We were particularly pleased that this was a readers' choice. Users from the field appreciated our user-friendly gateway that is suitable for everyday use."


  • Wireless use via cellular communications in the LTE 4G network
  • Network operator redundancy via two SIM cards
  • Positioning via integrated GNNS receiver
  • “Always online” functionality
  • Secure connections via OpenVPN


  • ethernet
  • RS485, RS232, USB, CAN, 1-Wire
  • Two multifunctional I/Os
  • Four digital inputs
  • Sixteen isolated digital inputs (cascadable)
  • Four isolated digital outputs
  • SD card slot


  • Lean Linux distribution with Mainline kernel
  • Freely programmable (e.g. in C/C++ and Python)

LTE 4G Cellular Gateway with PLC extension

The maxx GW 4102 with PLC extension is a robust industrial IoT Gateway. This Linux-based, freely programmable Industrial Gateway for profile rail mounting communicates via the high-availability LTE cellular radio standard and thus guarantees you the highest connection security. Thanks to the “Always-Online” functionality, the Gateway establishes a connection independently and, in the event of an error, automatically re-establishes the connection. Thus, you have unrestricted access to the maintenance-free device at any time and from any location.

The maxx GW4102 LTE 4G Cellular Gateway offers many benefits

Based on the maxx GW4100 LTE 4G Cellular Gateway, the variety of interfaces and connections for the maxx GW4102 was supplemented by communication with external programmable logic controllers (PLC/SPS). This results in additional application options:

  • Digital outputs from controls may be connected directly.
  • The cabling of the 16 digital, isolated inputs is significantly simplified by the cascading of the inputs and outputs and the assignment of the connectors.
  • Four digital, isolated outputs with up to 300 mA switching current are possible.
  • Counter inputs for frequencies up to 1 kHz can be implemented with the digital inputs from the Linux user space.

Exceptional Capacity

The LTE 4G Industrial Gateway has a slim, expandable Linux operating system and a current processor system.  
The system is generously equipped with flash and RAM memory and also allows the use of SD cards for very large or frequently changed data.

Encrypted Access

Thanks to OpenVPN, your device management takes place via encrypted dial-in via cellular communications. This means that our devices may only be accessed by the users themselves. Security updates and bugfixes for the Linux operating system as well as for your individual applications and configurations are carried out via our centralised “Over-the-air” firmware update service. This ensures a reliable remote update procedure.

Various interfaces & PLC extension

The programmable Sensor Gateway processes applications in different programming languages. You can either use predefined functions or, if you prefer, individually customised functions. In addition, the device also incorporates your own applications.  
The Industrial IoT Gateway provides various physical interfaces for connecting end devices with communication interfaces and / or sensors, e.g. Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-485, CAN bus and 1-Wire.
The PLC extension provides additional, isolated, digital inputs and outputs that enable the simple connection of digital output and input signals. These may e.g. come from programmable logic controls and create additional communication options

High Level of Security

The maxx GW 4102 Cellular Gateway provides your data with extra security and protection against manipulation using VPN technology, the integrated firewall and the optional security chip, which ensures extremely well-encrypted data communication.


Please find a list here of the accessories available for the maxx GW4102 - LTE 4G Basic Gateway with PLC extension.

Please indicate the accessories you have selected with the item number when you place your order.

For assistance in selecting the appropriate accessories, contact us here.


Item number 810003

GSM, UMTS, LTE angled antenna for mounting directly on the device, SMA screw connector


Item number 810002

GSM, UMTS, LTE antenna for wall mounting indoors and outdoors, incl. 5m low-loss cable, SMA screw connector


Item number 810001

GSM, UMTS, LTE and GNSS (GPS, Glonass) antenna for mounting on housings with watertight screw connection, 3m cable length, 2 x SMA screw connectors



Item number 810005

GSM, UMTS, LTE antenna for mounting on housings with watertight screw connection, 3m cable length, SMA connector


Item number 810006

GSM, UMTS, LTE antenna with magnetic base, 5m cable length, SMA connector


Item number 810007

GPS, Glonass antenna, magnet or adhesive mounting, 3m cable length, SMA connector



Power supply

Item number 830001

Plug-in power supply, primary 100-240V AC, secondary 12V 2.25 A



 2 pin

Item number 820001

2 pin system clamp, screw clamp
For the power supply

 8 pin

Item number 820003

8 pin system clamp, push-in principle
For the digital IN/OUT interfaces

 10 pin

Item number 820004

10 pin system clamp, push-in principle
For the RTD, PT100/PT1000 interfaces

 12 pin

Item number 820005

12 pin system clamp, push-in principle
For the 1-Wire, CAN, RS232, RS485 interfaces

8, 12 pin

Item number 820008

System terminal set, push-in principle
Complete set for Basic Gateway

6 pin

Item number 820010

6 pin system clamp, push-in principle
For the isolated digital inputs

(4x) 6, 10 pin

Item number 820011

System clamp set, push-in principle
Complete set for the PLC extension

(4x) 6, 8, 10, 12 pin

Item number 820013

System clamp set, push-in principle
Complete set for Basic Gateway and PLC extension


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Philipp Siweck

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