IoT Gateways from IoTmaxx

Secure cellular connection, rich in interfaces, versatile programming


The programmable IIoT Cellular Gateways from IoTmaxx, for use in industry, transmit, collect and process information from your machines and systems via secure cellular connections. Our devices make the sensor data from your systems, such as temperature, humidity, vibrations, switching states and much more, available for processing via various applications.

Flexibly programmable

The numerous interfaces of our products open up a multitude of communication options. Our robust Gateways for IIoT requirements are trouble-free and maintenance-free in the field and already have various applications as standard that can be customised and supplemented to your individual needs.

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Christian Lelonek  - Managing Director

Christian Lelonek

Managing Director

The IoTmaxx Gateways at a glance

maxx GW4100

LTE 4G Cellular Gateway

maxx GW4101

LTE 4G Cellular Gateway incl. sensor board

maxx GW4102

LTE 4G Cellular Gateway with PLC extension

Things worth knowing about IoTmaxx gateways

What is a Gateway?

An IoTmaxx Gateway is a powerful and space-saving hardware with which a variety of different data can be quickly and easily collected, processed and finally transmitted via LTE or LAN with additional protocols.

What is the advantage of using Gateways?

The advantage in an IoTmaxx Gateway is that several requirements can be implemented in parallel in one device, thus saving a lot of time and money for further additional hardware and software.

Why is interface diversity important for Gateways?

In order to always be able to serve the most diverse project requirements with the appropriate interface, the IoTmaxx gateways offer numerous interfaces to easily record temperature, humidity, vibrations, switching states and much more. Interface diversity - one hardware for all applications.

For whom is the use of a Gateway suitable?

The IoTmaxx Gateways are designed for use in almost all applications. Ready-made applications are available to the customer, where relevant data is immediately available for interpretation via plug and play. Furthermore, the IoTmaxx Gateways offer a freely programmable interface, which also makes it possible to integrate the customer's own application in just a few steps thanks to the open source approach.

What should I consider when choosing the right Gateway?

Think about tomorrow today!
Have you found the right IoTmaxx Gateway for your requirements?
Consider today which other interfaces you may need in the near future. Data that seems uninteresting today may already be of essential importance tomorrow. But don't worry! All IoTmaxx gateways have the same basis, so that a gateway can be replaced by another gateway with further interfaces easily and without effort.