Control Cabinet Construction

Monitoring, error analysis and update via cellular - Simple, independent and secure

The Goal:

Monitoring, error analysis and updating of the controls (SPS/PLC) in the control cabinet outside of the customer’s productive data network via a private, protected and wireless network.

The Case:

A control cabinet builder designs and builds control cabinets for complex controls and operating units for the it’s machines and systems. In order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the systems, the correct functioning of the control (SPS/PLC) should be monitored remotely. In addition, it should be possible for service employees to access the controls in a decentralised way, if necessary, e.g. to analyse occurring errors or import updated software. Previously, these tasks were performed locally via the controller’s Ethernet interface. Remote access to the controls via the customer’s network is often undesirable for security reasons.

The Task:

  • Creation of an independent network of the electronic controls
  • Protection of the data during transport via the cellular network and the Internet
  • Independent setup and maintenance of the data connection
  • Decentralised protected access for service personnel
  • Easy expansion of the network

The IoTmaxx Solution:

The controls in the control cabinet are connected via Ethernet to the RT2200 LTE 4G Cellular Router, which is mounted on the profile rail similar to the controls. Via a VPN server (Virtual Private Network), the routers, the panel builder’s control centre and the distributed PCs of the service staff form a private network that is secured against third party access. Other participants, which could be controls, or perhaps service employees, can be easily integrated into the existing VPN at any time.

The VPN server may be an existing server from the panel builder. Alternatively, an RT2100 IoTmaxx LAN Router in the control cabinet builder’s network or a hosted IoTmaxx VPN server may also be used. The IoTmaxx Routers are specially designed for this application so that they independently set up and monitor a VPN connection via the cellular network to ensure uninterrupted access to the controls.

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Christian Lelonek  - Managing Director

Christian Lelonek

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