[Translate to english:] Überwachung zahlreicher Kennwerte im Wasser- und Abwassermanagement zu moderaten Kosten.

Water and Wastewater Management

More cost-effective alternative to conventional PLC solutions

The Goal:

Monitoring of numerous characteristic values in water and waste water management at moderate costs.

The Case:

As an external IT service provider for industrial services, an engineering office advises municipal utilities and municipalities on issues relating to water management. For a wide variety of tasks, e.g. the determination of values such as fill levels of sewers, temperature, humidity and their transmission and visualisation, or tasks such as opening valves, programmable logic systems (PLC) with numerous sensor connections are used

Until now, expensive combinations of PLCs and external routers have been required to transfer this collected data via cellular communication, which makes the structures very costly and sometimes even too expensive. Here, a more cost-effective solution is sought that can be integrated into the existing software solutions.

The Task:

  • Provide connections for existing sensors, e.g. temperature, level and humidity, etc.
  • Collect data and transmit it to a central location via cellular for visualisation and evaluation
  • Software integration and application programming

The IoTmaxx Solution:

The solution developed by IoTmaxx replaces the cost-intensive combination of PLC and external router with an IoTmaxx Gateway, which provides all necessary functions such as sensor connections, programmability and cellular connection in one device. The high-availability LTE cellular network, which also offers good coverage in remote locations, is used for a secure wireless connection.

With the “Always online” functionality, the Gateway ensures seamless monitoring of the various locations. With the solution developed by IoTmaxx, the data is transmitted securely via a VPN connection to the service provider's visualisation system. With this solution, the external IT service provider can offer its customers from cities and municipalities the monitoring service at significantly reduced costs.

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Christian Lelonek  - Managing Director

Christian Lelonek

Managing Director

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