LAN/WAN-Router für IoT-Anwendungen

LAN/WAN router for secure industrial applications

maxx RT2100

maxx RT2100 Item number 210001


  • Wired use via DSL or in the local network
  • Excellent connectivity
  • High security
  • Easy accessibility


  • 4x 10/100 LAN
  • 1x 10/100 WAN
  • Digital: 2x In / 2x Out
  • USB 2.0
  • RS232


  • OpenVPN (Client, Bridge, Server)
  • IPSec (Client, IKEv1, IKEv2)

LAN/WAN router for secure industrial applications 

The maxx RT2100 Industrial Router is a robust LAN/WAN router for intelligent industrial IoT solutions. The router is used with a wired DSL or cable modem, as a VPN client or server for industrial PCs and controls in corporate networks. It provides an optimal basis as a platform for the transformation of your enterprise to Industry 4.0.

The Router is a good choice if, for example, a control (PLC) must establish a VPN connection to a VPN server and the control cannot map its own VPN client. This means that simple, protected communication from corporate networks via DSL or cable modem is no problem, even for standard controls (PLC) with an Ethernet connection. In addition, the maxx RT2100 Router may also be used as a central OpenVPN server to implement a VPN network for up to 64 OpenVPN client connections.

Excellent Connectivity 

The LAN/WAN Router constantly checks connectivity and network quality. Thanks to its “Always-Online” functionality, it establishes a connection independently and, in the event of an error, automatically re-establishes the connection. This provides a high level of connection security and guarantees access to the devices connected to it at all times – for remote monitoring as well as remote maintenance.

Easy Accessibility

No matter where your maxx RT2100 LAN/WAN Router is located – it is easily accessed at any time, via standardised VPN servers from different providers as well as via the IoTmaxx-hosted maxx VPN service.

Numerous Interfaces

The Industrial Router has various physical interfaces for connecting end devices via an integrated 4-port Ethernet switch as well as digital inputs and outputs for controlling end devices and alarms. It is optionally available with an RS232 or RS485 interface and, in this configuration, enables transparent transmission of serial data via IP networks. The connection to the Internet is via an additional LAN interface.

Uncomplicated Configuration

The maxx RT2100 WAN/LAN router can be configured in a very user-friendly manner via web interface and XML files, even in remote operation.

High Level of Security

Our closed Linux operating system, the OpenVPN and iPsec tunnel technology, the integrated firewalls and the password-protected access management provide a particularly high level of security.

Technical Specifications

Features and functions – see here for all the details at a glance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Datenblatt RT2100 (pdf)
Technical Data RT2100 (pdf)

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OpenVPN Connectivity Server

For reliable and secure communication, it is best to use our VPN connectivity services: You benefit from fast setup and commissioning, full cost transparency, simple certificate handling and simple group management. In combination with our LTE Cellular and LAN/WAN Routers, the OpenVPN Connectivity Server ensures secure communication and availability of your services and IIoT applications via the Internet and cellular – and all with a flexible contract period!


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Power supply

Item number 830001

Plug-in power supply, primary 100-240V AC, secondary 12V 2.25 A



 2 Pin

Item number 820001

2 pin system clamp, screw clamp
For the power supply

 8 Pin

Item number 820003

8 pin system clamp, push-in principle
For the digital IN/OUT, RS232 or RS485 interfaces